Do I REALLY need a wedding videographer?

June 23, 2022

Congratulations you’ve just got engaged! You’re super busy planning your wedding and have very little time to think about anything, we get it! That’s why we made this helpful guide to talk you through the pros and cons of having a wedding videographer.

I’m sure you have many questions floating around like how much you should spend on things and should you invest in a wedding videographer?

Not having a videographer is today’s bride’s biggest regret

It’s not what we think this was a quote from a bridal magazine almost 5 years ago now but does it still stand. After nearly 5 years of filming weddings, we know some of the decisions couples make regarding Wedding Videographers and other suppliers. Typically a Wedding Videographer is one of the last suppliers to be booked often only booked when some of the budget is left over. There are many myths about having a Wedding Videographer and what it entails so we’re here to tell you that it could be one of the best decisions you make about your day!

Don’t just take our word for it here’s what one of our recent couples said:

“We’ve just viewed our highlight, and, what can we say? It’s beyond wonderful!!! How amazing, you’ve captured it so beautifully – and that’s just the short film! We’re so impressed, I’m not sure how you knew to put the music Ben wanted as the backdrop but it added so much. Ben literally said “the guy is a wizard” so I think that’s about the best compliment you could possibly get about your talent.”

“We weren’t totally sure before deciding on a videographer that it was a service we really needed but we’re so glad we did – this will probably become the best lasting memory of the day we have.”


1)Videographers are expensive, it’s somewhere we could save money

Budget is the most common reason why a couple chooses not to book with us. Of course, it goes without saying that you get what you pay for and so the more you invest, the more experienced and skilled your videographer will be and the better your final videos will be.

The thing is budget is all about the importance you put on video (more on this later). The thing we always say to couples is even if you can’t afford us, please book somebody for your wedding videography! 

Once you have decided you would like a videographer you must choose the right one. Even with a limited budget investing in a professional over a family friend doing it is always a much wiser decision, more on this later.

Also, you should always ask Wedding Videographers if they offer an option for payment plans to allow you to pay over time. We get it, weddings are expensive which is why we offer the option to split out the payments to make things easier for you. We’ve even given couples the option to pay a percentage after their wedding day using money from gifts they received on the day.


2) Videographers get in the way and are not discreet

This is the biggest misconception about Wedding Videography. Whilst it used to be true videographers would use larger cameras than photographers and generally be more visible on a wedding day that’s no longer the case. 

We use DSLR-type cameras, the same as photographers, and try to avoid getting too close to people. We want to tell the story of your day, not make a story up for you so we will never direct the day outside of a few suggestions to make a film better. We stay in the background because that is where we get the best results, the most natural moments happen when people don’t feel like they’re being filmed.


3) My celebrant might not like it or might even charge us. 

We have been filming weddings for over 5 years and only once have been told by a vicar we can’t film the ceremony. The key here is communication. If your church or venue is aware of videographers coming to your day they can be better prepared. 

In church, typically there are a few restrictions about where we can stand and what we can film. These vary from church to church so it’s best to check before booking a videographer. The main thing is we are used to adapting quickly when filming weddings. If the priest throws us a curve ball about what can’t or can’t do we can quickly adapt to this.

Usually, registrars and celebrants are much less restrictive with the conditions they have on filming the ceremony. The only restriction we have known is where a registrar preferred not to wear a microphone. This is not a problem as we have many different audio sources running on your wedding day. 

Photo by <a href=
Photo by Nathan Dumlao on Unsplash


4) Anyone can film a wedding these days. Our friends will film it on their phones.

Whilst this is true, phone cameras are very good quality today, in fact so much so we have used an iPhone as an extra camera in a ceremony! Most people can film a wedding but it’s knowing what needs to be filmed and doing it creatively. 

Also, the audio on a phone or small camera can be terrible! You want to be able to hear what is happening which is why we use small lapel microphones on anyone that is speaking. 

You also wouldn’t want all your guests holding their phones out during the ceremony as this could be incredibly distracting. The advent of unplugged ceremonies has made this idea even more unpopular.

In addition, your film will need editing which I where the real skill is. No automated software can edit the footage to include everything special to you that looks amazing and tells your story. 

We have seen a few “Film your own wedding” companies recently too. Again, whilst a nice add-on idea it shouldn’t replace having a professional as just the same as a guest filming with their phones, they won’t necessarily capture things in as high quality and capture those moments that only a professional knows how.


5) My photographer can capture the day so I don’t need a videographer.

Absolutely! Your photographer is just as professional as any videographer in capturing your day. The difference is that photography is “freeze-frames” of your day whereas video tells the day in a much more rounded way. We work extremely closely with your photographer to make your day perfect and get all the things we both need. We are there to tell the story of your day and whilst we include the details a little these often work better in pictures. the thing that sets video apart is the sound. Hearing the emotion on someone voice and seeing the events as they actually unfolded on the day.

One of the biggest examples I can give you is below. We have got some screengrabs from Abigail & Shane’s wedding to represent some of the images a photographer might provide you with. Below that is our highlight of the day. Can you see what we mean now?


So… while you THINK there may be a good reason not to have a videographer… for every objection, I can reasonably and logically argue against it. Have I convinced you?